Lead Wedding Photographer Vincent van den Berg awarded 2017 Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World Rank Number #10 and #1 in Mexico

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This is all such wonderful information. Thank you for the tips. And wow, such beautiful pictures! - Bride to Be Jolie


  • Vincent and his team are amazing. They have been my photographer of choice for many years. His creativity and the energy he brings are an awesome addition to any wedding experience. Our groups love him and are so impressed with the finished product. Can't thank him enough for the satisfied clients and amazing memories he creates.

    Brenda O'neal
    Romance Travel Specialist With This Ring Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Travel Agency
  • The team of Pixan photographers, under the direction of Vincent, also create amazing photo memories for my destination wedding guests and their clients. Not only do they provide high quality, innovative photo books, they are professional and highly skilled in their craft.
    Lisa Sheldon
    Executive Director, Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists Association
  • As a destination wedding planner, I strive to recommend the "best of the best" to my client's for their wedding day and Vincent Van den Berg of Pixan Photography is my "go to" photographer in Mexico for all of my client's weddings. What strikes be about him is his depth of experience and creative insight. I could not ask for a more committed, talented & professional photographer who truly knows how to capture the essence of my couples on their wedding day.

    Monica Caesar
    Owner of Aisle Plan Your Day
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Pixan photography since 2013.  I can confidently recommend Vincent and his team to any of my clients.  I have never had an unhappy client that has worked with them.  The clients days are captured beautifully and my clients treasure the moments that Pixan captures for them.  I am proud to work with them and happy to refer them to anyone needing their wedding photographed and video captured of their day.    

    Tracy French
    The French Connection Events and Travel

Pixan, Your Cancun Wedding Photographer

Pixan which means Soul in Mayan, is a collective of artistic Professional Wedding Photographers who are Living the Dream in México, serving Cancun, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen and other areas along the Caribbean shoreline. Through years of practice, love and dedication to each present moment, Pixan Photography have developed a joyful process, you'll feel at ease and connected with our team as if we have been friends forever, while we guide you through your Mexican destination wedding adventure, tuning in, creating and skillfully capturing the beauty of the magic that unfolds.

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2017 Mexico’s Top 10 Wedding Photographers Rank #1