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Congratulations on considering a Destination Wedding in Mexico. In doing so you are well on the way to Celebrating your love in front of the most important people in your lives and enjoy their company for more then just one day. You'll get to share a vacation with your favorite group, spend quality time together and build lasting memories.

With Mexico being such a popular country for Destination Weddings, when you start browsing online for inspiration, it probably won't take long before you to begin to experience overwhelm. There are simply tons of destinations, resorts, hotels and venues that offer Destination Weddings. Too many really !  Plus they all look appealing and kind of similar. It's tough to know where to start let alone figure out which offering is really right for you! 

So with that in mind we decided to come up with a few broad focus tips to help you get passed the overwhelm and narrow down your search options so that you get to a workable starting point.

Tip 1. Define your guest list - Who are you going to invite, why, and what are their needs?

Make a list of who you would like to invite to your destination wedding and write down the reasons why you would like to share this celebration with them.  Besides your wedding day,  think about what kinds of other experience you would like to share with your loved ones and what would they enjoy? 

Ask yourself: 

Will there be kids or older guests or people with mobility challenges?

How do you envision spending your days either side of the wedding ?

Do you see yourself sharing quality time, enjoying the comforts and many services of leading all-inclusive resorts? Such as relaxing by the pool, relaxing with spa treatments, or just throwing a big pool party at the swim up bar ?


Would you and your guests rather share the cultural experience of a hippy Chic boutique hotel where you can connect with art and nature and mingling with tuluminati trendsetters aka edgy world travelers?


Maybe maybe the traveller in you seeks to share new authentic, colonial and cultural experiences?  


Maybe you are dreaming of  sharing the experiences of world-class fun parks and tours with your loved ones ?

Consider how much money your guests could afford to spend? 

Talk to those closest to you, find out budget and yours.

Once you have those answers down, then you would have narrowed your search options significantly and will be ready to move onto the next step.


Tip 2  - Choosing which Destination

Mexico is filled with hundreds if not thousands of venues, hotels, and resorts across several destinations each with their own charm and beauty.

Here are some of the most popular locations and a few of their highlights:

Cancun and Riviera Maya

  • Carribean beaches
  • Turquoise water
  • Leading World Class Quality Resorts and  Hotels
  • Cenotes 
  • Leading vacation destination location in the world
  • Impressive Mayan Archeological sites and culture.
  • Lots of activities

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Cancun wedding photographer


  • World-class hotels 
  • Great seafood
  • Whale watching
  • Sea fishing
  • Beautiful sunsets and coastal scenery such as the Marina,  the arch and Lovers beach.

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  • Beautiful Banderas Bay
  • Sierra Madre Mountains
  • Outstanding tours and adventures
  • Great seafood
  • Authentic Mexico culture 
  • Beautiful boutique and all-inclusive hotels

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Hard Rock Vallarta Destination Wedding



  • Hidden paradise
  • 7 Bays
  • National Park
  • Great seafood
  • Authentic Mexican Culture
  • Beautiful boutique and all-inclusive hotels
  • Smaller destination

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Huatulco Destination Wedding



  • Hacienda
  • Mayan Culture
  • Cenotes

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Tip 3 - Decide what time of the year you would like to get married.

For the most part, Mexico enjoys a nice warm climate throughout the year, however, it can get extremely hot and humid in the summer, especially in subtropical beach areas + towards the end of the summer we have the highest probability of rain and storms. 

Best months for low rates and deals:

Sept / October / November / May / June 

These are low months in general vacationers therefore many of the corporate all-inclusive resorts offer promotions to attract wedding groups in an effort to fill their rooms. 

My favorite time of the year - Spring - March and April.  

Why? The light is beautiful, it's not too hot and humid, the seawater and temperature of the pools are lovely.

January and February are also very nice months as the weather is not too hot, but sometimes hotel pools can feel a bit chilly. 

BONUS STEP -  Free help from a Local Professional

Now that you have a clear idea of:

1. Who you would like to invite.

2. How you would like to spend your time with them + considered their  wants, needs, desires and limitations as well as your own. 

3. Decided what time of year works best.

4. Decided on a destination.

Then it's time to search for the right Resort, Hotel or Venue!  

If you would like some free help from a local expert wedding professional please fill out the contact form below. Here at Pixan Photography, we have over 10 years of real life Destination Wedding Experience, working with couples in resorts, hotels and venues all across Mexico.  We are well placed to help you. 

Why do we do this?

After more than 10 years photographing Destination weddings all over Mexico some couples have told us they were inspired to chose their wedding venue because of our photos!  Often times clients reached out before booking their venue to ask for advice on which venue to choose.  Or find out how the resort was “in real life.”  Of course we would always recommended venues that we felt would make for the best wedding experience for individual couples, because we just wanted them to have the very best time so that we could connect, share in the experience ourselves and capture the moments with our lens. This is really what makes our heart sing and when the magic really happens. It's where we find real value in what we do.


September 26, 2019

3 Tips On How To Start Planning Your Destination Wedding in Mexico

Congratulations on considering a Destination Wedding in Mexico. In doing so you are well on the way to Celebrating your love in front of the most […]