Mexico Destination Wedding Planning Help

I’m going to start off by being really straightforward and honest with you.

And tell you the real reason why we are TOTALLY motivated to help you experience the ultimate, connected, fun, authentic Destination Wedding.

In a way its kind of selfish……

But we choose to focus our time, skills and energy on Destination Wedding Photography for this very good reason!


We will do everything in our power to set the stage so that our clients and their guests genuinely have the most amazing Destination Wedding Experience, fully letting go, present, in the moment, expressing them themselves. Because it is in this very moment that we too follow our focus into the “Flow” state of mind.  We connect on that level, we feel and share your experience which touches us, then drives our lens to capture the soul and essence of the experience. 

It is through Wedding Photography that we have found our most frequent entry point into the “FLOW” state of mind. That place where we feel and perform our best. Where magic truly happens. Where we forget ourselves, fully connect with what is unfolding in front of us and open to the energy of the moment which guides our lens.  

This is the point where we produce work of real quality meaning. The work that our clients have come to expect from us and what we expect from ourselves.

It’s totally addictive - our hearts sing and we feel our best. Plus it’s highly contagious and adds great vibes and energy to your group.

Happy photog life right !!

Well it hasn’t always gone this way......

In the past my team and I would arrive to photograph a wedding to find that the event was not going totally to plan, some of the guests and the couple would seem uncomfortable or unhappy, maybe with the hotel or with the timing / organization of the event. Or generally things simply were not going totally to plan as the bride and groom wanted.

In these situations, as professionals would do our best to make the event as successful as we could, using our camera, posing, lighting and photography skills to shoot beautiful images, yet in these moments we would not find ourselves in the “flow” state and ultimately our work would look good, pretty but not WOW because it lacked real connection and emotion.

Now what kind of wedding experience would you prefer ? How would you like your wedding photos and video to turn out ?

If you seek “flow” and beautiful, connected, fun loving experience that is right for all your group then reach out to us now. We will help you get there as you are exactly the kind of couple we are looking to work with.