Mexico Wedding Dresses: Choosing the Right Style for Your Destination Wedding

Mexico Wedding Dresses: Choosing the Right Style for Your Destination Wedding

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With fabulous beaches, stunning scenery, picturesque towns and cheerful weather, Mexico is an attractive location for destination weddings. Although it is fun and exciting, planning your wedding in this exotic locale from afar presents unique challenges, one of which is finding the perfect Mexican beach wedding dress for the day.

The Best for Bride team from Canada have the following wedding dress advice for brides planning a Mexican wedding.

Finalize the Mexican Wedding Venue First

Wedding locations in Mexico include sunny beaches, beautiful historical locations, popular resorts and busy city venues.

You should choose your bridal attire so it is appropriate for the venue where your wedding will be held.

If you are a bride getting married on the beach, a ball gown isn’t a sensible choice. However, this dress style would do for a castle wedding.

So, pick your venue first and plan your wedding dress around this choice. Find inspiration in the signature elements of your venue, and combine it with your personal preferences to find a dress that reflects the theme and your style.

For some ideas on dresses that are suitable for different types of venues, visit this article on the Wedding Ideas Mag.

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Mexican Beach Wedding Dresses – Choose Fabrics for the Mexico Weather

Although greater part of Mexico enjoys sunny weather for most of the year, the exact conditions can vary from one location to another.

Coastal areas have hot and humid summers while inland and mountain areas are temperate. Rain showers are a common occurrence throughout the summer.

Consider the weather at the time of your wedding when choosing the fabric of your wedding dress. It should be comfortable and allow you to move around freely.

Here are some tips to help you pick the right fabric for your wedding gown.

  • Light, breathable fabrics like chiffon and organza are ideal for outdoor venues like the beach.
  • Charmeuse is lightweight and soft. Although it is ideally suited for the weather, it tears easily when wet. So, avoid it if your wedding venue is a beach.
  • Tulle and taffeta work well for outdoor weddings. However, they are poufy and not as flowy like chiffon.
  • Natural fabrics like silk are best avoided, since they can stain when you sweat
  • Heavy fabrics like velvet can make you uncomfortable at an outdoor venue in tropical weather.

Have Your Dress Altered to the Right Length

Take practical aspects into consideration when choosing the length for your wedding dress.

If your wedding is on the beach, a long hemline and train will pick up sand and make movement difficult. Short dresses are better suited to such situations.

During your wedding dress fitting session, ask your seamstress to alter your dress to the exact length that allows you to walk and move around comfortably.

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Find a Dress Style That Matches Your Mexico Wedding Theme

Brides look amazing when their dress choice complements the overall theme. Mexico is the ideal destination for casual weddings.

For a beach venue, choose a simple and casual Mexican beach wedding dress style. Halter, sleeveless and strapless neckline styles look good. A-line and sheath silhouettes also match the relaxed ambiance. High-low hemlines and tea-length dresses are other good choices.

For weddings at historical sites, classic dress styles are best. Traditional wedding gowns with accessories like veils will blend well in this setting.

Smart and chic wedding dress styles are ideal for city venues like banquet and reception halls.

Accessorize for the Right Look

The right choice of accessories will help you add the perfect finishing touches to your bridal look.

Balance details on your dress with the right accessories for the intended effect. Keep the accessories minimum if your dress has several intricate details.

Choose statement pieces for a simple dress. Your hair accessories greatly contribute to the bridal look. So choose them well. For valuable tips and advice on choosing the right hair accessory, visit this article on the Bridal Guide.

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Factor in Transportability of Your Dress

Since you will have to travel with your wedding dress for your wedding, it is important to plan for this in advance.

Small and light dresses travel better than ornate, heavy gowns. Rule out fabrics that wrinkle easily, unless you have a reliable ironing facility at the destination.

Find out if there are good steaming and pressing facilities at the destination, should your dress be wrinkled after the journey.

Also, choose dresses with minimum embellishments that can come off.

If you are flying to Mexico, invest in a good garment bag and carry it with you on the flight. Check with the airline to find out what facilities are available to store your dress so it is subjected to minimum handling and isn’t damaged.

Finish Your Wedding Gown Shopping Well in Advance

Although you have limited choices in fabrics and dress styles for a destination wedding to Mexico, you should still find a dress that appeals to your taste.

Do your research well and plan early, and you should be able to find a dress that ticks all the boxes.

Wedding dresses are usually made on order by the manufacturer. They can take up to 6 months to be delivered, depending on the amount of work involved.

When you have a destination wedding lined up, it is important to finish your wedding shopping well in advance. After the dress arrives, you will still need time for fittings to have it altered correctly to your measurements.

So, plan your dress shopping well in advance and make sure your dress is ready in time.

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3 More Mexico Dress Shopping Tips from Vincent of Pixan Photography

  1. In spring, summer and fall here in Mexico its super hot. If you don’t want to suffer from sweaty legs I recommend choosing a light weight dress.
  2. Riviera Maya Cenote Trash the Dress shoots should be renamed “Rinse the Dress”  because the fresh water actually cleans the dress after a beach destination wedding. However, with that said many brides purchase another low cost wedding dress for this shoot.
  3. Brides often change into a lightweight dress for the reception party, makes dancing more comfortable in the hot humid conditions we have here.

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