Native English Speaking Photographer
Native English Speaking Photographer

About Pixan, Mexico Wedding Photographers

It’s challenging enough to plan a Mexico wedding from afar, without the added stress of vendors you barely even know. That’s why we make it a point to get to know you very well before you even arrive to this beautiful region.

Clients tell us that what they love most about Pixan is that before the event has even begun, we feel like friends.

There’s a reason for that. We honestly believe that you’ve got to like your photographer to love your wedding day. After all, this is the one person that’s in front of your face practically the entire day. If you don’t have chemistry, your day could be spoiled.

At Pixan, connection is built right into the core of our business. It’s not just because we want you to like us (we do), it’s because we want to like you too! We love photography, but what makes us look forward to every event is the variety of incredible clients we get to work with.

Having a true connection with our clients is what makes this work so much fun and such an adventure for both you and us.

That Said, here's why else you'll love having us around:

We’re Honest - Honestly!

Our past clients are not shy about letting us know how much they appreciated our honesty. Hiring suppliers from so far away can be nerve-wrecking. But with us, you won’t have to feel anxious. We will take you through a zoom consultation where we get to know you, find out who you are, how you met, what your styles and tastes are and listen to your wedding day plans before recommending the right service for your event and forming a tentative timeline.

We’re Seriously Passionate

Serious about our business, passionate about our clients. We have very high standards for the quality of our work, but getting to know our clients is the business of our business. Because we really understand who you are and what matters to you, we’ll sense that perfect moment when it arrives and capture it with enthusiasm.

Vincent van den Berg - Founder Pixan Photography

Seek, hunt and illuminate!! Award winning professional photographer with 20 years experience, traveling around the world taking pictures with love and connection. If you would like to connect with the energy of Riviera Maya’s stunning natural environment while experiencing a heart centered connection with yourself, or as a couple or group of loved ones, then be sure to schedule a photo shoot where magic will happen : ) The experience will be fun, exciting and will yield unique images of you expressing your true self amongst the perfection of nature.  Here are a few photos of Vincent’s travels and adventures with his family.


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