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Jaquie and Lem hosted a stylish and simply charming Azul Fives Hotel wedding on May 19th, with a ceremony and reception at the Azul Fives Hotel here in Playa del Carmen.

It Was Family First at “The Fives”

The thing that struck us most about these two was their connection to their totally adorable families.

It was obvious in every step of the wedding that they all share a close bond with each other, not only during the wedding but beforehand.

We talked to the couple a few days in advance to make sure we could capture all the important people and events they wanted captured and their families were first and foremost to their minds. Once we met them, it was easy to see why!

We started out in Lem’s room, where we were touched by the incredibly close relationship that he has with his brother, John.

Meanwhile, Jaquie was preparing close by with her soon-to-be mother-in-law, who supported her every step of the way while the flower girl (Lem’s niece) was practically hypnotized, staring up at this gorgeous bride admiringly. And, of course, there were also Lem’s nephews, who spent every moment being cute and smiling for us!

Charm & Chuckles at the Beach Ceremony

Then, it was off to the beach gazebo for the ceremony as Jaquie walked in on her father’s arm. All the hotel guests in the pool celebrated as she walked toward Lem—spewing water and energy as they raised their arms in celebration of the bride walking past them.

John was Lem’s best man and was also in charge of carrying the rings. During the ceremony, when the minister asked for the rings, he pulled a funny face, giving out just Lem’s ring and pretending to have lost Jaquie’s.

The range of expressions that passed over everyone’s faces in that moment were hilarious to watch as Jaquie went from frozen shock to laughter to desperation over again until he finally confessed the truth and brought out her ring. It had everyone laughing!

Speaking of Love…

After the ceremony, John stole the scene yet again as his speech was our favorite part of the night. Not only could he not contain his tears of emotion and gratitude as he spoke about his beloved brother and best friend, but he had the rest of the guests weeping with him. At the very moment he could no longer continue speaking, we were all silent, holding our breath as a magical quiet enveloped us and made that intimate moment that much more magical. It was really something else to be part of.

Jaquie & Lem, thank you for allowing us to be part of your special day and trusting us to capture those intimate, emotional moments for you. Weddings like yours, filled with so much emotion and love, are exactly what gives this work passion and meaning.

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