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Indian Wedding Bride Henna Hands

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Batna wash off in Caribbean Ocean

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Brides boat portrait Hotel Xcaret Mexico Bride

Hotel Xcaret Bride arriving to beach wedding ceremony in a Mayan row boat with 2 warriors

Bride in boat with Mayan Warrior

Wedding ceremony on the beach at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

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bridal party

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Chadni and Josh’s mixed-faith Indian and Western Wedding took place over 3 days at the stunning Hotel Xcaret Mexico in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Batna and Maigaan

Although there was not an official event planned, all the wedding guests descended upon the main beach at Hotel Xcaret Mexico to take part in Chadni and Josh’s Batna ritual where family and friends rubbed yellow turmeric paste upon the couples legs, faces, and arms before the jumping into the Caribbean Ocean to wash off.

Wedding Ceremony on the Beach at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

The weather and setting was a dream for this event. Everyone was blown away when Chadni arrived via rowboat escorted by 2 Mayan Warriors. The couple said “I do” meters away from the Caribbean Ocean upon fine white sand with all their loved ones looking on with love in their hearts. The energy and seen was perfection. You could not ask for more.

The Highlight: The moment Chadni arrived to the Wedding Ceremony by rowboat accompanied by 2 Mayan Warriors

After getting ready in the resort’s bridal suite located in the Spa, Chadni was escorted via a sweet little pink rowboat from the Spa’s birds nest area to Caleta Feugo where she met with 2 Mayan Warriors and transferred into a traditional Mayan longboat and taken through the inlets to the resort’s Beach Wedding Venue at the northern end of the Hotel.

Post-Wedding “Dolphin Trash the Dress” photoshoot.

A couple of days after the wedding events we transferred Chandni and Josh to Dolphin Discovery near Alkumal for Chadni to experience a one on one underwater encounter with a Dolphin before driving on to the couples’ honeymoon destination at trendy Azulik Tulum.

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