Native English Speaking Photographer
Native English Speaking Photographer

Caracol de La Isla ceremony, La Isla Reception -Xcaret Park

Back in Nov 2018 Xcaret marketing got in touch with Pixan Photography to invite me Vincent van den Berg to capture images while they filmed the content for a wedding video that they created to promote weddings at Hotel Xcaret Mexico and the park. My instruction was to shoot photos of each action with NO FLASH and without getting in the way of the film crew.  The production started at 5pm in the afternoon went on throughout the night before calling it a rap at 8am the next day! The task was quite a challenge, one that pushed the boundaries of my equipment as all the scenes were so dimly lit, often by torch or candlelight alone.  Yet with that said I was delighted to be there, to take part in the production and experience these Mysterious, Mayan Venues with their Majestic Adventurous  yet Romantic Vibes

Ceremony in the Caracol de La Isla “Island Snail” – Xcaret Park

The enchanting romantic walk spiralled through the Caracol de la Isla was lit by torch lanterns and wedding guests holding sparklers. Once we came to the cave entrance the couple was met by 2 Mayan Warriors and a fire pit. The guests then circled around us all creating the most stunning and mysteriously romantic scene WOW

Reception and part in La Isla (The Island) Xcaret Park

We then entered the candlelit caves, walked across a bridge over an underground river before entering the majestic la Isle venue with it’s giant Palapa roof and circling river. The decore and lighting was specular, as was every scene we captured of the wedding venues.

Bridal Party Beach fun Caleta Fuego – Hotel Xcaret Mexico.

Following the all-night video production shoot in La Isla, The model bride, groom and bridal party emerged with the production team at Caleta Fuego in Hotel Xcaret Mexico for a few more post-wedding bridal photos and some romantic scenes in the early morning inlet waters.

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